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SNK: Levi cosplay! Ah shorty XD by Shirogane1340 SNK: Levi cosplay! Ah shorty XD :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 2 1 DMMD: Mink Cosplay WIP 2 by Shirogane1340 DMMD: Mink Cosplay WIP 2 :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 2 0 DMMD:Mink cosplay WIP by Shirogane1340 DMMD:Mink cosplay WIP :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 1 4 Hello love~ by Shirogane1340 Hello love~ :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 3 2 Jane Crocker by Shirogane1340 Jane Crocker :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 0 3 Bad-Angel-Arthur by Shirogane1340 Bad-Angel-Arthur :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 4 3 Freudig LATE Geburtstagsgeschenk Deutschland by Shirogane1340 Freudig LATE Geburtstagsgeschenk Deutschland :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 4 0 Hetalia meme 2 by Shirogane1340 Hetalia meme 2 :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 3 2 German T-shirt Design! by Shirogane1340 German T-shirt Design! :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 5 3 Re-designed Vocaloid, Aya W.I.P by Shirogane1340 Re-designed Vocaloid, Aya W.I.P :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 6 3 2pShirogane W.I.P by Shirogane1340 2pShirogane W.I.P :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 1 0 Sketch Dump 1# Hetalia by Shirogane1340 Sketch Dump 1# Hetalia :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 0 0 Happy LATE LATE Birthday~ W.I.P by Shirogane1340 Happy LATE LATE Birthday~ W.I.P :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 0 0 London 2012 day 3 W.I.P by Shirogane1340 London 2012 day 3 W.I.P :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 3 0 2p Artie W.I.P by Shirogane1340 2p Artie W.I.P :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 6 2 America and Belgium by Shirogane1340 America and Belgium :iconshirogane1340:Shirogane1340 0 0


Wake up (Hanzo Shimada x Reader)
You couldn't sleep anymore.
Ever since the first rays of sunlight had found their way through the curtains you weren't able to go back to your dreams anymore.
Unlike to your boyfriend who was still asleep next to you.
You had never imagined that the great samurai Hanzo Shimada was such a sleepyhead.
Smiling about this fact you turned and faced the man next to you.
Hanzo was lying on his back, hugging a pillow with both arms, obviously thinking or dreaming that the cloth was you.
A low chuckle escaped your body, while you got closer to him again.
You gaze fell on his hands.
They were big and strong.
The hands of a warrior who often used them to fight, to train so that they would always keep a hint of callosity, telling you that your man was no slouch at all.
You could tell by all the experiences the two of you had made together so far.
While you were completely aware of the weight Hanzo carried on his shoulders, he knew that you had been through some hardships yourself. Whenever you had
:iconblackorchid1004:BlackOrchid1004 76 10
A Cowboys Hat (Jesse McCree X Reader)
*There is swearing and implications of sex*
(Y/N) - Your Name
"I want to wear it so bad."
"Don't worry (Y/N) love, I'm sure you'll get it somehow."
Tracer or as most referred to her, Lena was right you would get that hat.
"Get what darlin'. You trying to get my hat again."
"No Comment."
Stupid twat of a boyfriend sometimes you wondered why you dated him with all the teasing.
"Heh, sure whatever ya say."
Lena then abruptly stood up,
"Well I'll leave you two alone then." A smirk lightly gracing her features. She blinked out the room but stopped in the doorway waving a certain cowboys hat in the air.
"Huh, wait what! What happened to my hat!"
(Y/N) smiled,
"Yes it worked! Wait ago Lena!"
(Y/N) then ran out the room grabbing the hat of the laughing girl in the doorway.
"Hold it girly!"
And now the chase starts. (Y/N) thought this was hilarious Jesse seemed so annoyed as she ran round the base doing random commando rolls and screaming 'It's high noon' at people while pointing her fingers li
:iconwretchedakuma:WretchedAkuma 46 7
All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader] (END)
You felt genuine comfort in the darkness around you. You embraced it. It was finally quiet, no more police sirens, shouts, or adrenaline. You were finally alone, and you loved it. The ruckus has come to a stop, but the time spent in this darkness was unknown. You would like to stay here in this paradise forever.
As much as you wanted to, life does not work that way. Life never works the way you want it to, unless it got tired or thought that maybe you deserved something better.
Fluorescent lights cast upon your face, until it was harshly put away. You were glad because your eyes was starting to react badly to it.
The light grew dimmer and dimmer, and then there was no more light. The faint sound of equipment being put away and the curtains closing confused you. Metallic utensils clinked against one another as they strolled and the squeaky wheels echoed in your sensitive ears. Confusion occupied your mind, no other thought would come in.
“Do not
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 17 2
All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader] (4)
It was a very problematic decision, but it has unraveled. Not like you had a particular need to leave his side.
It was for the best, you remind yourself. Despite the web you were caught in currently, you manage to break a smile at the fact that McCree was safe. At least you assume so.
You weren’t fond with the cramped motel room to begin with and the conversation from last night rewound in your head to the point you received a massive headache. You hurt him. You hurt someone dear to you. He casually reminded you on how you left him to die due to your instinctual fear and after that point in the talk, your mind went blank. You even forgot that he wanted you to stay with him.
Yes, you found a way out, however not like this.
You promptly decided to take your leave with a blank slate of mind. There was no destination in mind – only escaping.
The night passed by quickly and the welcoming sun blanketed your skin these past days in Las Vegas. You
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 26 7
All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader] (3)
There was something familiar about the darkness enveloping you. To you it is comfort from reality and acted as a temporary break.
Shaking, you shifted uncomfortably as your head throbbed. Man, do luxuries hurt.
Hesitantly, you groan as harsh artificial light burns your eyes, forming pricks of tears in the corner. You quickly shut them and rub your eyes as you rise and stretch. Looking down, you realize that your body is draped by an orange-brownish quilt. It's thin but still provides a source of comfort.
Leaning back, you feel the squishy texture of the mud-colored sofa. Ah, no wonder your back ached. But the thing that worries you the most is where are you and who applied bandages on your body.
The explosions, right, you cringe.
You tried to stand up; resulting in a utterly embarrassing failure as you crash back on the couch ungracefully. Gazing down, you took in the details of the gauze wrapped around your legs along with the occasional bruises -- old and new -- from th
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 41 5
All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader] (2)
"Sorry ladies and gentlemen! Seems like this mall needs a bit more fuses to light up!"
The ringing of dreadful screams and explosions echoed throughout the high-security mall. Police drones tried to rush their way in to aim at their locked targets but the radius of the blast succumb them to smithereens. The scraps of metal fed to the assailant's amusement and they chuckled.
The humans are all still alive, maybe not intact. The explosion really hit home for the peaceful Omnics scurrying about with their human friends. Any Omnic in sight was destroyed and heavily damaged.
You pinched your nose and dug your back against the wall behind cover. If only you had seen the obvious faces of Junkrat and Roadhog roaming around the top floors -- you would've evacuated everyone. Man, were you unlucky. Earlier today you managed to escape the government's drones by a hair length and now you have to deal with two former Overwatch agents who most likely were hired by Talon or someone else to kill you.
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 46 3
All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader] (1)
"They said no."
A light chuckle echoed in the senile and withered hypertrain he's in. Other passengers in the same room paid no heed at the man and deemed him normal since it wasn't odd to see him journeying away inside multiple trains. A huff escaped his cracked lips as he settled down for another take of his cigar. McCree licked his lips as he let out a breath that can be mistaken as a wisp -- there are children on board and he didn't want them inhaling the smoke too much.
"Figures," he responded to the chief on board who is rather young for the job in hand.
"Do you want us to make another attempt in contacting the police? I mean, you saved us, it's the best we--"
"Save it. You're wasting your energy. I'm fine. If they think I'm an outlaw so be it. But I'll still continue doing what I believe is right whether those damn officers agree or not." McCree faltered the butt of the cigar to extinguish the fire and smoke before flicking it out the open window he sat next to.
:iconinsanityespeon:Insanityespeon 61 2
Awakening (Chapter 1)
“What do you mean? Our new home. I don’t know you at all. And I would be most grateful if you let go of me.”
He smirked, a hand leaving my waist to run through his hair.
“Well, this will be fun. Let me tell you how we’re so,” he moves his face close to mine, a breath away before whispering, “close.”
He leans back and walks out of the door into a long corridor, I follow after shortly, closing the cell door behind me. He begins to walk forwards, whilst I continue to follow him. We walk in silence, passing more cells decorated with the same metallic red liquid streaked down each door engraved with roman numerals and other symbols that I vaguely recognise but cannot interpret.
How curious.
We approached the end of the hallway, reaching a spiral staircase. The stairs were cogs jammed unevenly into the wall with no banister to attach them together.
Alex sat upon the last step, patting the space on his right. “Sit down, I will tell you how
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 25 1
Bullseye (Young!Jesse McCree x Reader)
"You know darlin', it would be way easier for you to just admit I'm the betta' shot."
"Look here cowboy, I don't care at all if you think you're a big shot. I was flown all the way from (Y/C) because of how good I am at military tactics, stealth and general use of military equipment. Your poncho-wearing ass can't ever get on my level so buck up your ideas cowboy because if you don't keep your eyes on the prize, you'll freeze up and wind your ass back in a ditch."

"You think you're slick, don't cha darlin'?"
She simply smirked watching the now bedazzled gun fall out of his hand, "No but I think you need to keep a better eye on your belongings. If you don't you won't know what hit you when you lose something precious."

The gunfire around them had ceased a while ago so Jesse was running around the place where the battle had once been. Blackwatch had won yet so many were lost. Jesse hoped Y/N wasn't one of them.
"Hanzo, I need major help."
"Not now. I
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 16 5
A Misfit for 2015 by Yaoi-Bear A Misfit for 2015 :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 75 17 A Hologram for 2015 by Yaoi-Bear A Hologram for 2015 :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 118 23 Sailor Moon Redesigns :Starlights and Kakyuu: by Yaoi-Bear Sailor Moon Redesigns :Starlights and Kakyuu: :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 118 13 Sailor Moon Redesigns :The Cats: by Yaoi-Bear Sailor Moon Redesigns :The Cats: :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 52 10 Sailor Moon Redesigns :Chibi Moon+Sailor Quartet: by Yaoi-Bear Sailor Moon Redesigns :Chibi Moon+Sailor Quartet: :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 78 14 Sailor Moon Redesigns :Inner Senshi + Tuxedo Mask: by Yaoi-Bear Sailor Moon Redesigns :Inner Senshi + Tuxedo Mask: :iconyaoi-bear:Yaoi-Bear 237 17 Loveiplier by Saaiie Loveiplier :iconsaaiie:Saaiie 124 26


by HlYA

I found the game quite cute and different then most dress-up games I have played, the music fits the game great and the art is just fan...


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